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Culture_Grams.png  - learn about the world, states, provinces.

World_Book.png  - World Book Kids
 -  World Book Students
 - World Book Advanced
 - Dramatic Learning

- Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
- Gran Enciclopedia Hispanica


Internet Public Library (IPL) for Kids  - reference, health & nutrition, art & music, math & science, sports & recreation, reading zone

KidsClick!  - a websearch site designed for kids by librarians

KidsConnect  - a safe internet gateway for kids

RefDesk  - facts encyclopedia for Kids

SlimeKids  - (School Library Media Kids) - reference (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases), grammar and spelling games

Word Central (Merriam-Webster)  - dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming words


Snappy Words  - visual dictionary and thesaurus; enter any word or phrase into the search box and it will create of related words, phrases and definitions.

VisuWords  - shows definitions of words and the connections between words.

LexiPedia  - provides the definition of words along with a webbed diagram of related words and their definitions.

Webster's Visual Dictionary  - divided into 15 thematic categories containing more than 6,000 words defined and accompanied by images.

Got Brainy - Brainy Pics is comprised of images that demonstrate the meaning of a word; Brainy Flix is comprised of short videos that illustrate the words.


Kathy Schrock's - Works Cited formats for grades 1 - 6


FactMonster.png Fact Monster  - online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas and homework center for kids


 Education World -  weekly printable Hunt the Fact Monster activity. Challenge students to use the Fact Monster search engine to find the answers to each week's questions. Students build research skills and cultural literacy as they learn about a wide variety of topics.



 - magazine for kids covering current events in the world