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Achievement Through Literacy and Character Development 

Theme 1: Identity Awareness

Students explore and understand their personal identity so that they can develop a strong foundation for developing healthy relationships

Kindergarten - What makes us special?

Grade 1 - Who am I? Who are you?

Grade 2 - How are we alike? How are we different?

Grade 3 - What are the places you love?

Grade 4 - Where are you from?

Grade 5 - What are our stories?

Theme 2: Perspective Taking

Students learn to understand the perspectives of others. As they become aware that other points of view can have validity, they pave the way for empathy.

Kindergarten - How do I feel?

Grade 1 - How do I feel? How do you feel?

Grade 2 -  How do we feel when we give to others?

Grade 3 - How can we be more sensitive to each other's feelings?

Grade 4 - What can we do to help us understand people from different cultures?

Grade 5 - What does freedom mean to different people?

Theme 3: Conflict Resolution

Students consider the points of view of other persons involved in the conflict. Help them learn the signs of conflict escalation
and how to deescalate conflicts.

Kindergarten - How can we share and get along with each other?

Grade 1 - What are different ways to solve our problems?

Grade 2 -  How can we resolve conflicts when others seem more powerful than we are?

Grade 3 - How can we solve conflicts in our lives?

Grade 4 - How can we solve problems in our communities?

Grade 5 - What choices do we have in a conflict?

Theme 5:  Love and Friendship

As students gain insight into the nature of relationships with friends, they begin to realize that we are all strengthened when we learn ways to help and care for others.ers

Kindergarten - What makes us a family?

Grade 1         -  What makes a good friend?

Grade 2          - How can we achieve our goals?

Grade 3         -  How can kids make a difference in the world?

Grade 4         -  How can differences or disagreements strengthen our relationships?

Grade 5     -  What are the barriers to friendship? How can we overcome them?

Theme 4:  Social Awareness

Learning about relationships between individuals and groups, and focusing on the dangers of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. 

Kindergarten - How should we treat each other?

Grade 1         -  How can we respect each other?

Grade 2          - What is equality?  

Grade 3         -  How can we overcome obstacles and pursue our dreams?

Grade 4         -  How can we challenge stereotypes, prejudice and discrimmination?

Grade 5     -  What can we do to make a better world?

Theme 6: Freedom & Democracy

Students learn to value fairness, justice and equality. They learn that they need to contribute to society and practice good citizenship.

Kindergarten - What makes us a family?

Grade 1 - What makes a good neighbor?

Grade 2 - What is the promise of America?

Grade 3 - How can we stand together as a community to stand up for our rights?

Grade 4 - How can we make our voices heard?

Grade 5 - How can we keep the struggle for freedom alive?


ReadingRockets.png  Reading Rockets - Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle.  Lots of information for teachers and parents.

colorincolorado.jpg- Colorin Colorado  un sitio bilinque para familias y maestros para ayudar a los ninos a leer.
- a bilingual site for families and educators of English language learners.


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