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History - Social Studies


 - resources that teach how our government works, use of primary source materials, GPO Access,plus an amazing, comprehensive list of links to  US government websites for kids.


 - games and puzzles about the United States, including cities & states, government offices, landmarks

  - official kids portal to the US government



Ology.png - American Museum of Natural History:  anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biodiversity, brain and climate change for kids


Pearson.png  - Social Studies, current events (Time for Kids), reference (dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac), atlas and activities in English  and Spanish


   - history & social science for K-12; over 5000 websites aligned to the CA History/Social Science curriculum

California Learning Resource Network - an interactive web site to provide information about electronic learning resources through an online searchable database (related to the CA Content Standards) with  links to state education technology projects and resources. 

CLRN: Social Science-History


Valentine's Day & Child Labor (curriculum unit from Global Exchange) -


African Fauna - a fun, educatioal site with photos and great facts about African animals

Africa Theme Unit  (from ABC Teach) - printables & worksheets