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Ms. Hale 4th gr Reports


Cars, Trucks & Air Pollution  (Union of Concerned Scientists) - describes the different ingredients of air pollution

Transport and Air Pollution (EcoFriendly Kids)

What is Air Pollution? Cars and Air Pollution  (EPA for Kids)


Kids' Health - Topics - Diabetes  - (Women's & Childrens Health Network)

Diabetes Kids: Information & Explaining to Kids  (Diabetes Research Institute)

Diabetes Center (Kids Health)


Diabetes Public Health Resource  (Centers for Disease Control)


Mining Impacts  (Greenpeace) - explains environmental impact of different kinds of mining

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San Andreas Fault

Learn about quakes and get prepared  (Assoc. of Bay Area Governments)

Earthquake Facts (USGS)

New Information About the San Andreas Fault  (USGS)

San Andreas Fault (USGS)

California - Nevada Fault Map  - (USGS)

Earthquakes by Claire & Nisha (PBS Kids) - video explaining effects of the 1989 earthquake presented by kids

FEMA for Kids  -   earthquake facts and steps to prepare for the next one



Earthquakes for Kids  (USGS)

Learning links & earthquake activities  - (USGS)

The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake  (USGS) -


World's Top 10 Deadliest Snakes  (Reptile Expert)

Living with Venomous Reptiles (Arizona Game & Fish)

TPWD Kids: Venomous Snakes (Texas Parks & Wildlife) - describes venomous snakes and how to prevent snake bites.


Your Heart & Circulatory System  (Kids Health)

Let's Learn About Your Heart ( Minneapolis Heart Health Assoc.) - information for kids about how the heart works