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5th Gr Liebert - Social Studies


Titanic 100 Years - [National Geographic]
         What was life like aboard the Titanic?    music,  high society,  dining & cuisine,  mail & telegrams,  fashion,  technology,  fun & recreation

The History Behind the Tragedy  - chronology, tour of the Titanic, little known facts, etc

Titanic - [Kids Connect] -

How Cars Work

How a Car Engine Works  - (video) - [Science Kids]

How a Car Engine Works [NeoK12] - (video)

World Book Encyclopedia found on the Library Homepage

Digestive System

Your Digestive System  [Kids Health] -

Your Digestive System and How it Works - [National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse]

Digestive System  [NeoK12] - links to several videos about the digestive system for kids

Digestive System  - information from the World Book Encyclopedia

CA Gold Rush: Mining for Gold

The California Goldrush: 1849-1859: Mining for Gold - [from KidsPort] - includes information on panning and riving mining with illustrations.

The Gold Rush's Impact on California's Lanscape  - [from PBS: American Experience] -

1848-1865: The Goldrush Era  [from Calisphere] - provides primary sources about everyday life, environmental impact

California's Untold Stories: Gold Rush!  [from Oakland Museum of CA] -

Gold Fever Legacy [from Oakland Museum of CA] - miner's life, prospecting

Gold Rush Gold Fever  - [PBS Kids] - journey of the 49rs

The Gold Rush Chronicles  -